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Sustainable & modern kids swimwear + apparel, made for all-day play.


High-quality for the little ones that just never sit still & love to get dirty!

Organic cotton tops & versatile outdoorwear made w. recycled materials, to help reduce pollution from our oceans & landfills; our brand's core value is to remain eco-conscious and aware of our impact.

Retro designs and playful earth tones, because we're obsessed with the beautiful southwest & all things vintage.

Designed by a mama of one truly wild soul; Bear is our inspiration and we're beyond lucky to be blessed with his vivacious spirit and huge heart! Our rainbow baby is our world.

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint through mindful choices in our textiles and packaging; let’s educate our babies to do the same… to choose wiser whenever possible! ♲


Meet Jess Tracy, Owner + Designer of Sól Playwear

Originally from Newport Beach, California, we're a family focused on quality of life and enjoying the outdoors; we spent a few years in Scottsdale, Arizona, and although we enjoyed the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, we decided we were ready for our next stop.. and we're so happy to be where we are now - in a small, beautiful mountain town tucked in the corner of southwest Colorado.

We like to explore new places and often, which lead us to some really amazing areas: quiet mountain trails, dusty fire roads, epic sand dunes, and the shores of many lakes + rivers to name a few...  The moments we get to experience, even on the shortest trips, have lasting memories; they also provide opportunity to fully reset and remind us to appreciate the beauty all around us.  

Over the years and throughout our many adventures, we've learned that high-quality + versatile outdoor gear is crucial where ever we go, but also found that there were few options for our son… So in an effort to meet our own demands (and yours too if you're reading this!) we created a line of premium + eco-friendly "playwear" for our active little ones; mixing oldschool beachwear with southwest vibes.  

Admittedly, we aren't totally perfect when it comes to being 100% “green” (this is tied to SO much - manufacturing, sourcing, environmental protection, shipping, ethics, etc...), but it's important to us to choose wiser; we would love to keep this earth as beautiful as possible and teach our younger generations to do the same.

Please remember to support small, eco-conscious companies like ours whenever you’re able to; baby steps can lead to big changes! xx