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REMEDY | Sage + Chamomile Whipped Tallow [Formula 03: Face & Body Restorative Balm]

REMEDY | Sage + Chamomile Whipped Tallow [Formula 03: Face & Body Restorative Balm]

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Rejuvenate and nourish dry, acne-prone & inflamed skin with healing herbs and hand-rendered grass-fed / finished tallow; sourced locally from a beautiful, regenerative Colorado ranch and whipped into a luxurious balm. Both antioxidant-rich &  cleansing, this blend will calm irritations and heal skin on a cellular level, leaving skin hydrated & glowing. This scent is perfectly sweet and earthy; gentle enough for the face & ideal for whole body hydration.

Directions: Apply light layer while skin is still damp as last step in skincare routine; morning or night >> Warm dime size amount within palm for smooth application. Layer on top of oil/serum for added hydration. A little goes a long way; use sparingly to avoid heavy, oily feeling.

Use: Daily face moisturizer & whole body skincare - best used for larger areas; face+neck, arms, legs, stomach, etc. Formulated for dry, sensitive, maturing or acne-prone skin.

*Treat your skin naturally: minimize sun damage, scars, redness, psoriasis, blemishes, reduce hyperpigmentation, sun damage & inflammation.

Tallow, a form of rendered beef fat, is a wildly successful ancient skincare remedy that closely matches our skin's sebum (aka natural oil), making it suitable for various skin types. It's non-comedogenic, deeply hydrating, and packed with bioavailable vitamins & rich fatty acids like CLA + stearic acid.  On its own, tallow has a SPF of 4 and is an ultra effective emollient, known to balance oil production & restore the skin barrier.
Combined with organic jojoba oil, often called "liquid gold" for its high concentration of vitamin E, anti-inflammatory & cleansing properties, as well as organic cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil for its nourishing antioxidants which improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 
Gently infused with therapeutic botanicals:
• Sage: (Hand-picked on our property) While known for its cleansing rituals (smudging), it’s a wonderful astringent, containing anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that naturally reduce acne and balance oil production.
• Chamomile: (Hand-picked on our property) Contains high levels of flavonoids that relieve inflammation, antioxidants which soothe irritations + redness, and antimicrobial properties, helpful in promoting healthier, brighter skin. Adds a subtle sweetness.
• Calendula: (Certified Organic / ethically sourced) A powerfully healing flower that’s similar to chamomile in its restorative properties, but more so known for its antibacterial benefits in addressing skin concerns, including acne, eczema, diaper rash & other common irritations like dryness. Calming, yet wildly effective!
• Rosemary: (Certified Organic / ethically sourced) Not only a wonderful scent; it helps soothe inflammation, and reduce acne-related puffiness/redness due to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
• Lavender: (Certified Organic / ethically sourced) A beautiful and calming botanical that can help reduce acne, even skin tone, and smooth fine lines.
Added Organic Essential Oils 
• Frankincense: An incredible healing plant known for its anti-aging, skin regeneration, and acne treatment benefits.
Full list of ingredients: Grass-fed & finished tallow (sourced from local, regenerative Colorado ranches), *pure, cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil infused with sage, chamomile flowers & rosemary, *cold-pressed + unrefined jojoba oil infused with & lavender flowers, and *frankincense essential oil [* = organic]
Details: Non-comedogenic • Cruelty-free • Non-toxic; free of harsh chemicals, parabens & synthetics found in conventional products.
Shelf life: Best if kept at room temperature but may be stored in fridge. Good for ~ 1 year. 
Tallow information: Our grass-fed & finished tallow is meticulously rendered from kidney fat, purposely sourced from local, regenerative Colorado ranches with the highest quality standards. No two cattle are alike; color, consistency & scent may vary due to the unique and natural variations in each batch. Very slight "beef" aroma may be present but should dissipate upon application.
*Please know that fat melts & solidifies with temperature fluctuation and can lead to the formation of tiny, bead-like grains in our balms; rest assured, this is normal & will not affect the balm's quality or safety for use.
**Obligatory notes: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please be aware of any allergies you may have prior to using this product. We are not responsible should irritation occur.